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Musical path

Born in Zaragoza (Spain), after obtaining my degree in composition at the ESMuC (Barcelona), I moved to Paris to attend to the IRCAM’s Cursus and later to study the master’s degree –Master ARTS: mention musique– at the University of Paris VIII.

I have also attended to numerous postgraduate courses, master classes and creators meetings –like the IMPULS Academy– with recognized and prestigious professors and composers.

I have been granted several times by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the “Caja Madrid” Foundation and the “Cátedra Mauel de Falla”. In addition, some of my works has been selected or awarded in composition competitions.

Likewise, I have received commissions from, among others, the National Youth Orchestra of Spain, the Nonce ensemble and the Smash ensemble.

My music is now mainly focused on the interactions between the acoustic instruments and live electronics, on the research about not-equal temperaments and on the integration of psychoacoustic principles in musical composition.

At the present time I live and develop my compositional and teaching activities in Madrid (Spain). Likewise, since 2015 I am the co-founder and the artistic co-director of indiCtivE_, a group that takes the continuum and the electronic improvisation as starting points and guiding threads of their cycles and shows.

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